1. A rare sight for Ventura, CA. 12+ft faces at C street today!


  2. Walking into the Unknown

    It was September of 2013 which marked a turning point in my life. That day in September was the day that I picked up a surfboard for the first time. Up to that point, I had become unhealthily worried for future stability, losing every sense of awareness for the moment. Hindsight, this obsession for future stability would later be the crucial loading of force needed to catapult me to the next chapter in my life. Like a pendulum rigorously swinging from one extreme to the next, so did my views on life. Strong urges for radical experiences begged to become a reality. So I chose to stray from a clear, straight and paved road to an unpredictable one filled with sharp turns and steep hills, never knowing what was around the bend or over the next hill. This way of life brings a smile to my face, and I have chosen to live this way to the fullest degree by traveling solo to the South Pacific. I plan to see numerous countries, starting in Australia, followed by Indonesia and hopefully New Zealand. I’m on a strict budget, and I will have to rely on a job to keep me afloat. I will use Australia to fuel my expenses in an undecided town that I will call home for around 6 months. I will strive to become a surfer capable of riding large and powerful waves. I believe I can achieve this level of surfing within a years worth of time. I hope to have a tale or two when it’s all over.